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Over the decade of my work with documentary filmmaking I have come across extraordinary artists who have become my Mentors.

prof. Andrzej Jurga

He instilled in me a passion for documentaries by his documentary endeavours. With extraordinary patience, he shared the secrets of the genre, one cannot be found in books. He enabled me to purse an individual studies course at the Lodz Film School even though I was at a different department, not expecting anything in return. At the end of my studies he praised me and “released” me into the world of film. I am still developing his legacy to this day.

Andrzej Titkow

As a production manager in Andrzej’s two documentary projects, I had an opportunity to benefit from his huge experience. His opinion that “everything he knows about documentaries comes from his own films” afforded me the courage to make one documentary after another – in spite of all. Thank you!

Grzegorz Pamrów

My Mentor after the Lodz Film School. He opened me to an international perspective on films, one he himself brought from Sydney. An artist who with his entire being upholds the contemplation and great responsibility of the filmmaker.

Piotr Borkowski

The Higher Instance, to whom I turn when my knowledge of the process falters. He structures, fixes, adds and indicates a direction with a rarely encountered gift: of reviving creative magic.

Rafał Stós

An editor who says little with his mouth and everything with his artistic choices. In fact, he co-directed every film we have made together.

Marek Walaszek

One in a million, he can be transparent on a documentary set, only to explode in the sound post-production process. He can work to the highest standard in all conditions, always maintaining a clear awareness of the process. An established artist and music producer.

Sławomir Bergański

Literally half of the filmmaking process, when we ‘have it’ and when it’s all still to come; when we know, and when we still have to earn it. I admire the way he works when we are close and there are problems close by.

A scriptwriter and director, who takes inspiration from the „inner self”, when shooting the film. Also, my teacher of humility.

Beata Calińska

Documentary director, a great practitioner of the process and my film friend. She provides space to discover the bottom of the den of the process, where she always stands offering understanding, hope and sharing.

Piotr Dumała

The phenomenon of openness and continuous learning. Despite his experience, he continues to rediscover things, and I, in friendship – together with him.

My Role Models and Mentors include all of the people, listed in the end credits of the documentaries I co-created. To say “Thank You” is not enough, you were my connection and support.